CTSI at NT Conference: the meeting point of technological and business excellence

We’ve enjoyed out time at the biggest IT event in Slovenia. Here’s how it went.

This year’s NT Conference in Portoroz was one of the most prominent events in the regional tech & business community. Because of the inability to hold a live event during last year, the majority of participants was more than happy to once again meet with their colleagues and partners on the Slovenian riviera between 27th and 29th September, to create new connections and talk about exciting innovations.

CTSI members from both Serbia and Slovenia were very active during all three conference days – together with our partners, we used the big stage to talk about the latest developments in RPA, Office 365 migration and other fast-growing business areas, while also using the opportunity to present some of the projects and ideas we’re most proud of.

Day one was reserved for Miha Jerina and Tadej Bajc – our colleagues from the Slovenian team, who alongside Iztok Osredkar from the School center Velenje, talked about computer management, virtual classrooms and cloud backups that were a part of a successful project of similar scale in Serbia. The main focus was on Microsoft Intune for Education which enables easy device management and safety in schools or on a remote location, as well as Azure Labs that make managing classrooms in the cloud a fast and easy process.

On day two, Comtrade’s Head of Account Development, Marko Jovanović, talked about RPA and its advantages and gave case study examples that prove it’s the fastest growing segment of enterprise software. Most importantly, he presented the implementation challenges that we’ve most commonly faced. Together with Aleš Leskošek and Sašo Pašič from Triglav Insurance, they explained how their cooperation went from start to finish, sharing in-depth information about the whole process.

During the last day, Tadej Bajc and Oliver Nikolić shared their vast knowledge of the most challenging part of Microsoft Office 365 – tenant merger and/or migration. A case example included essential tools, services and an overall plan for successful migration, which gave a full overview of problems that can occur during the migration process.

A huge thanks goes out to all of our colleagues who did their best to represent Comtrade System Integration and further establish our company as one of the regional IT leaders. We had a lot of fun and made great memories in beautiful Portoroz and we hope that next year’s NT Conference will be an even bigger success.