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Whatever you do in life, you’re feeling safer with an experienced partner along for the run. But it’s the field-related competencies and a hands-on approach that set apart even among those with many victories under their belt: ultimately, you want someone to understand your needs and get the job done, but also easily navigate your industry field knowing its inherent rules and procedures. We’re the right people for the job.

Financial institutions

In the world of finance, there is a great pressure to adapt services to the new generation of tech-savvy, always-online customers. We offer you personalized guidance into the world of new technologies: whether you need to implement new mobile and online services, improve security and HR solutions, or migrate to the cloud or to a new CRM system - we’re here to help.

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Goran Slijepcevic - Finance


Working in the telecommunications industry has never been more exciting, but you’ll need a trustworthy partner to help you navigate the ever-changing scene. Customers demand fast responses and a highly personalized communication, which means you have to go above and beyond to seamlessly integrate a number of new services – and so will we.

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Vladimir Plemic - Telecommunications

Public sector

We’ve been working with clients in the public administration and government sector for a significant number of years: we are the right choice because we know the area, the needs and technologies that dominate the field. Let us help you transition to a paperless office environment, rapidly adopt electronic services or ensure legislation compliance.

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Dusan Jokic Public

Cross-industry solutions

A number of our solutions can be used to improve your business productivity - and ultimately results and revenue - regardless of the industry you’re working in. Explore our contemporary HR, financial, administrative, marketing and IT services backed by decades of IT excellence: let us create a roadmap for your own digital transformation journey.

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Srdjan Mladjenovic - expert