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We’ve been working with clients in the public administration and government sector for a significant number of years: we know the area, the needs and technologies that dominate the field. Let us help you transition to a paperless office environment, rapidly adopt electronic services or ensure legislation compliance.

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Application Integration

There’s probably quite a lot of apps you work with on a daily basis, and it’s possible not all of them “communicate” as smoothly as they should. Integrating these apps would certainly improve your workflow and consequently the quality of services you provide for the citizens: rely on our end-to-end solution implementation.

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Cyber security slika

Cyber Security

Any organization is hyper-aware of the fact that cyber threats are probably the most dangerous issue in today’s world. When you’re working with sensitive data in public sector, making sure it’s safe is a top priority. We’re here to help you create multi-layered security stack, assess the risks, find vulnerabilities and protect yourself.

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ECM solutions slika

ECM solutions

If you’re working in a government organization or anywhere in the public sector, there’s probably piles of stacked documents everywhere, adding to the risk of losing important files, as well as a chaotic environment in general. Let us help you go paperless and organize better with top of the line ECM and document management solutions.

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Advanced analytics

Comtrade SI offers complete and integrated analytical solutions to meet the specific needs of organizations from different backgrounds, including public sector. Use vast amounts of data cleverly: we can help you improve user experience and enhance performance, leveraging the power of data to gain actionable insights.

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Data Warehouse Modernization

With large volumes of data stored across a number of devices and systems, organizations often struggle to extract and analyze it: but, if you invest in a modern data warehouse solution, you’ll be able to efficiently translate data into structured and actionable information. Let us help you with easier analysis and reporting.

Business Process Management slika

Business Process Management

Lack of control over work processes makes it difficult to allocate tasks, resulting in lower productivity, workflow downtime etc. Our Business Process Management (BPM) solutions can help you optimize, automatize and digitalize services for citizens, offering higher quality assistance by integrating channels and products (omni-channel).

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Microservices Consulting

With microservices architecture, we can help companies modernize their apps and production environment, focusing on faster project development and minimal downtime. We use agile and DevOps methodology to develop and test microservices-based apps for mobile platforms, cloud environment and IoT.

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In words of our clients

“We had a very positive experience working with Comtrade SI for the entire duration of the project. The team took the time to analyze our organizational structure in great depth and understand the procedures and regulations of different levels of the prosecutor’s offices so they can implement one centralized system across all branches.”

Branko Stamenkovic

Special Prosecutor for High Tech Crime Project manager, Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office



Our experts

Our industry experts are here to help with all the additional information you need. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Dusan Jokic

Executive Sales Director – Public