Case study

Serbian Agency for Restitution – ECM

Comtrade System Integration worked with the Agency for Restitution to help the client implement a case and document management solution that enables better control and visibility of documents, faster collaboration and advanced reporting.


A manual document processing system is one of the main causes of inefficiencies in organizations. The Agency for Restitution made a timely decision to implement a comprehensive case and document management solution in order to improve productivity and reduce costs related to paperwork. As the Agency’s primary IT partner, the Post of Serbia asked Comtrade SI to create and implement a case and document management solution tailored to the Agency’s needs. Due to the Agency’s specific organizational structure and work processes, a number of requirements had to be taken into consideration. Firstly, the case management solution had to be developed in line with the Legal Act of office operations and it had to offer all relevant Document Management System (DMS) functionalities and options. The solution had to be integrated with the application for recording, scanning and storing documents, which was developed by the Post of Serbia for the Agency for Restitution. Finally, it was important for the Agency’s employees across all locations (Belgrade, Kragujevac, Nis and Novi Sad) to have access to the system’s applications and be able to share information quickly and easily.

The project included the following key objectives:

  • Establish a central case and document database with a single point of entry
  • Provide a more efficient management of cases and documents
  • Enable case and document workflow with role-based authorization of all relevant users
  • Achieve automatization and integration of processes between the Agency’s case management system and information system of the Post of Serbia
  • Create processes in accordance with the Legal Act of office operations
  • Faster and simplified search of cases and documents
  • Enable specific requirements for merging and disjunction of cases
  • Achieve data availability and security
  • Minimize printing and usage of paper through electronic document distribution
  • Increase quantity and quality of reporting
  • Make applications accessible to all employees working across all four locations

“We had an excellent working relationship with Comtrade System Integration. They understood exactly what we needed and delivered a case and document management solution tailored to our business needs.”

Zoran Misic
Deputy Director Department of Information Technology and E-Communications

Our solution

Comtrade SI offered its standard case management solution, EasyDOC, with the option to customize features according to the Agency’s needs.

The solution was rolled out in four phases, which included close cooperation between the Agency for Restitution, Post of Serbia and Comtrade SI:

  • Phase 1: analysis of the Agency’s business processes and IT environment,
  • Phase 2: hardware configuration and application deployment,
  • Phase 3: training of users and IT staff,
  • Phase 4: full production with Comtrade SI guidance and support.

As a DMS based solution, EasyDOC incorporated the following features:

  • Metadata and electronic document store
  • Document and metadata versioning
  • Search and indexing
  • Security and collaboration
  • Integration with other systems
  • Document workflow
  • Document distribution

In addition to basic DMS features, EasyDOC provides the following case management features:

  • Case management and workflow
  • Internal and external distribution of documents
  • Case classification
  • Administrative procedures

EasyDOC also offers a range of advanced features to the client, including:

  • Built-in mail client (with multiple receivers and multiple cases and documents sent as attachments
  • SOA based architecture that allows Lite DMS solution to be integrated with other internal or external systems and solutions
  • On click installation provides a distributed production environment, which enables simple and fast support and administration
  • Case merging and disjunction

Results delivered

Since the implementation of EasyDOC in 2012, the Agency successfully adopted the solution across the board. Now all cases and documents handled by employees and collected through the system of the Post of Serbia are stored and processed in EasyDOC. The new electronic system enabled the Agency to realize a number of benefits, including improved productivity and efficiency of its staff. Now, case workers are able to search, manage and retrieve documents a lot quicker and with greater ease. The overall visibility and availability of information has been increased enabling case workers to perform their jobs faster and with greater confidence. Since the solution was implemented, more than 100,000 cases and 1,500,000 documents have been entered into the system.

About the Agency for Restitution

The Agency for Restitution was established in accordance with the Law on Property Restitution and Compensation in order to handle procedures and decisions regarding claims for property restitution and compensation, provide expert assistance to claimants and return payers, keep record prescribed by the Law and report annually to the government. The Agency’s headquarters are located in Belgrade with regional units operating in four cities in Serbia – Belgrade, Kragujevac, Nis and Novi Sad. The Agency employs more than 160 professionals

  • The Agency for Restitution
  • Public sector
  • A paper-based system for managing documents
  • No integration with the Post of Serbia systems
  • Lack of quality reporting
  • Dispersed workforce
Business benefits:
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Process automation and controllability
  • Reduced costs of paper based operations
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Microsoft platform
  • .Net Framework v4.0
  • Windows Forms, WCF
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 with Reporting Services