Case study

Serbian Tax Administration

Comtrade System Integration helped Serbian Tax Administration replace its storage system with Symmetrix VMAX, a leading IT storage hardware solution on the market. The solution enabled the client to focus resources on core business activities, while Comtrade SI took over management of the storage infrastructure.


Serbian Tax Administration (STA) operates on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and employs approximately 7,000 people. The government institution is responsible for carrying out assessment, audit and collection of public revenues. In line with its plans to modernize tax administration, STA also needed to make modifications to its IT systems as they were no longer capable of meeting the organization’s storage needs.

Serbian Tax Administration needed to consolidate and centralize its storage to achieve more efficient management and allocation of its storage resources. It also needed a new, fully redundant storage solution to achieve continuous system operation and data availability in case of a single component failure. The new system had to be highly scalable to enable performance to grow in line with capacities. Continuous data protection with image-based/snapshot data retrieval also had to be implemented to ensure data protection during testing periods or in case of corrupt files or databases.

To achieve these requirements, the new solution had to be installed, configured and integrated into the existing SAN storage infrastructure in line with the client’s needs and vendor recommendations. Additionally, all data from the existing storage devices had to be safely and seamlessly migrated to the new environment. Finally, STA employees had to be trained to use the new system.

After researching the market for available solutions, based on the application performance needs and currently implemented storage solutions in production, STA determined that they needed high-class enterprise storage to better meet their storage needs. STA then defined technical specifications and put out a public tender for the project. After carefully reviewing all offers, STA selected Comtrade SI as we were able to meet all their technical requirements and offer the best price for the project.

Our solution

Comtrade SI installed Symmetrix VMAX 10K Storage System in STA’s Data Center, with two engines (128GB each) and a total of 167 disk drives, including FC, Flash and SATA.

To ensure data integrity, two 5GEN RecoverPoint nodes were installed. The system was configured to provide balanced resource allocation and utilization through the FAST VP functionality, while the device itself is capable of migrating data to the appropriate type of disk at a required speed. Data migration from the existing EMC CLARiiON storage systems was done using EMC Tools, including OpenReplicator and SanCopy, as well as using the traditional host-based migration through the operating system.

Results delivered

Our extensive system integration experience and close cooperation with the client resulted in a success story – all existing critical core systems were seamlessly migrated to the new storage system and the entire infrastructure was reengineered and reconfigured. The client acknowledged Comtrade System Integration’s efforts by entrusting us with a service and storage maintenance contract.

Serbian Tax Administration successfully upgraded its IT infrastructure to support its many services. Faster application response and improved performance of the overall IT system are felt by all employees and STA clients who use online services.

The improved security and recovery procedures will eliminate downtime and loss of data, ultimately providing a reliable working environment. Improved allocation of IT resources will ensure minimal time for transaction processing, resulting in the overall better quality of services and shorter response times.

About Serbian Tax Administration

Serbian Tax Administration (STA), a branch operating within the Ministry of Finance, is responsible for the assessment, audit and collection of public revenues, issuing and revoking of authorizations to carry out exchange activities and audit of exchange activities. It is a direct budget institution and the biggest government department by number of employees. STA carries out the assessment, audit and collection of public revenues from more than 2 million taxpayers (legal persons, entrepreneurs and individuals).

  • Serbian Tax Administration
  • Public sector
  • Expand the existing SAN infrastructure
  • Improve performance and scalability of storage systems
  • Perform data migration with no downtime
Business benefits:
  • Business continuity
  • Cost reduction
  • Storage: EMC enterprise storage system VMAX 10K (SSD Flash disk, FC 15K Hard disk, SATAII 7.2K.)
  • Continuous data protection: Recover point local protection; 2-node RPA cluster, installed and dedicated to the new storage
  • Migration: Open replicator, San Copy, host-based migration