Case study

From paperwork to digitalization: Public Prosecutor’s Office

Implementation of EMC Documentum xCP 2, a world-leading case management platform, leads to a significant increase in efficiency in the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Serbia’s judicial system.


Prior to implementing a case management system, the Public Prosecutor’s Office was handling case work through manual processes. Huge quantities of paperwork that were hard to track and manage were impacting staff efficiency, as well as data security. It was taking staff too long to find, retrieve and distribute cases. Sharing data between the prosecutors’ offices and courts required days, which put an additional strain on an already inefficient system. Annual and periodical reporting was one of the most painful issues. These processes were also done manually, which required many staff members to spend many hours counting, calculating and populating templates. Statistical data was difficult to retrieve, calculate and publish online. Together, all these inefficiencies resulted in a bogged down system that was in an urgent need of case management makeover. Comtrade System Integration was tasked with helping the Prosecutor’s Office establish a modern case management system with a centralized repository of electronic cases and documents and a unified user application for all employees, which would result in improved efficiency and transparency across the judicial system.

The solution had to deliver the following:

  • Easy and fast case retrieval
  • Better collaboration among employees
  • Reduced time for reporting
  • Easy retrieval and calculation of statistical data
  • Easy access to cases located in subordinate prosecutor’s offices
  • Improved role-based data security

“We had a very positive experience working with Comtrade SI for the entire duration of the project. The team took the time to analyze our organizational structure in great depth and understand the procedures and regulations of different levels of the prosecutor’s offices so they can implement one centralized system across all branches.”

Branko Stamenkovic
Special Prosecutor for High Tech Crime Project manager, Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office

Our solution

Comtrade SI chose the following technology as the building blocks of the solution:

  • Documentum xCP 2, a market leading case management platform
  • RichFaces and JSF java frameworks as front end technology

The Phases

Phase 1: Analysis Firstly, Comtrade SI performed a comprehensive analysis of the client’s business and IT environment. During the analysis phase, our experts visited all client sites to learn about the specific processes of each office. Although the Public Prosecutor’s Office is a hierarchical organization with strict procedures and regulations, different levels of the branch (basic, higher, appellate and republic) have different procedures with different registry books and different cases. Comtrade SI had to clearly understand all of them in order to implement a centralized system across all locations and enable seamless collaboration between staff.

Phase 2: Development and Configuration As the client had no previous experience with IT systems and staff was not familiar with electronic processes, it was important to apply an incremental and iterative implementation approach. Through workshops and trainings, we helped to familiarize users with the look and feel of the system in the early stages. As some prosecutor’s offices had legacy systems that had to be migrated to new systems, it was important to perform the migration carefully to ensure no data is compromised.

Phase 3: Transition Due to the lack of IT experience of the Prosecutor’s Office, it was crucial to deliver a series of user training sessions to ensure successful user adoption and project sustainability. Over a four-month period, almost 600 users received comprehensive training based on their roles. The “go live” phase of the project was rolled out over a two-week period. To ensure a smooth transition, Comtrade SI provided onsite support to each of the prosecutor’s offices.

Results delivered

With the implementation of Software Application for Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO), Comtrade SI contributed to a significant increase in efficiency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the entire judicial system in Serbia.

With SAPO in place, the client achieved the following:

  • Faster search and retrieval of cases
  • Faster case distribution between users
  • Establishment of a centralized electronic archive of cases and documents
  • A more efficient enforcement of legal regulations and policies
  • Increased data security achieved through role based data access
  • Fast and simple data exchange between prosecutor’s offices
  • More efficient annual and periodical reporting
  • Reduced cost of everyday operations

About Public Prosecutor’s Office

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is an autonomous state body that prosecutes perpetrators of criminal and other punishable offences and takes measures for the protection of constitutionality and legality. The Prosecutor’s Office consists of the public prosecutor, deputy public prosecutors and staff.

  • Ministry of Justice – Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Serbia
  • Public sector, judicial system
  • Inefficient workflow for case processing
  • Inefficient annual and periodical reporting
  • Time consuming paperwork
Business benefits:
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Improved efficiency of case processing and reporting
  • Heightened data security
  • Reduced costs
  • EMC Documentum and Captiva
  • JAVA RichFaces and JSF