Navigating the business of connecting

Working in the telecommunications industry has never been more exciting, but you’ll need a trustworthy partner to help you navigate the ever-changing scene. Customers demand fast responses and a highly personalized communication, which means you have to go above and beyond to seamlessly integrate a number of new services – and so will we!

Our services

Advanced analytics


In a highly competitive environment, earning customer loyalty and gaining new subscribers are top priorities for telecommunications service providers. You’ll need to use vast amounts of customer data cleverly: we can help you improve customer experience and enhance business performance using Big data analytics.

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Application integration slika

Application Integration

We use application integration best practices to modernize, consolidate and coordinate your operations. Make sure your employees can communicate as smoothly as your customers, by relying on our end-to-end solution implementation to integrate different apps and improve your workflow.

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Cyber Security

The first rule of business: make sure your data is safe. Cyber threats are countless, severe and dangerous, especially if you’re handling as much data as telecommunication companies do. We’re here to help you create multi-layered security stack, assess the risks, find vulnerabilities and protect yourself.

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Comtrade digital worker slika

Comtrade Sotfware Robots


A software robot can do all those manual, repetitive processes instead of your employees – making work processes faster, easier and more efficient than ever. Use them to achieve significant productivity growth and cost decrease, as well as a greater end users satisfaction crucial to your business.

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ECM solutions

When you’ve got hundreds of documents to work with (like telecommunication companies do), your organization is at risk of losing important files, as well as a chaotic environment in general. Let us help you go paperless and organize better with top of the line ECM and document management solutions.

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In words of our clients

„Data warehouse implementation in line with TM Forum standards resulted in unified view on business information and speed up report delivery cycle. Consequently, analytics based on integrated data help us to better know our customers and to improve communication and customer experience. This is now a foundation for all our future big data initiatives.“

Milorad Bjelogrlic

IT Planning and Development Director
office 365

In words of our clients

A telecommunications company, such as Telekom Srbija, with a customer base of over 11 million and a large number of services that it delivers to its customers on a daily basis, requires impeccability in arranging its internal processes. In cooperation with CTSI, we chose BMC Remedy as an Incident Management solution due to the simple user interface, a large number of possible integrations and adaptation of the system to our business model. This project brought a significant reduction in costs, while on the other hand an increase in revenue as a result of better service delivery"

Željko Janošević

Head of ICT services

Use Your Data Creatively and Generate New Revenue

Identify New Revenue Streams Using Existing (Big) Data Sources in Your Company

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Our experts

Our industry experts are here to help with all the additional information you need. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Vladimir Plemic

Executive Sales Director – Telco