Case study

BMC Remedy – Telekom Serbia

Telekom Serbia implemented BMC Remedy incident management solution.

As an Incident Management solution, BMC Remedy is implemented in order to quickly restore normal operation and minimize the impact on business operations, ensuring that agreed service quality levels are met. Telecommunications companies have a strong need for process management and a standardized, automated system for monitoring the quality of provided services and incident reports by users. This is mostly due to having a large customer base and a lot of company equipment. In the long run, this ensures customer satisfaction and seamless user experience.

The telecommunications industry is a dynamic environment, where a standard ITSM tool does not meet all business needs. As the dominant operator in the Serbian market, with over 11 million users, Telekom Serbia needed a solution that could be adapted to their processes and needs, which can only be enabled by an ITSM development platform, such as BMC Remedy.

BMC Remedy is primarily a powerful development platform, used to develop a robust service management solution with an intuitive user experience andmodern interface that significantly reduces the time required to access and manage incidents. In total, this increases the productivity of employees and creates added value for the organization. Automation capabilities, along with other functionalities, support correlation and predictive analysis in order to reduce and eliminate negative impacts on the business. According to Gartner, BMC Remedy platform is a leading comprehensive solution that supports innovation, business process agility and compliance with defined parameters in service delivery.



BMC Remedy solution is integrated with 20 different internal tools used by Telekom Srbija. Some of the more significant ones include:

1. Siebel Customer Care, CRM solution
2. TIS – service i resource inventory in-house solution
3. IBM Netcool Operations Insight, Network management solution
4. Workforce management, on-field human resource management solution

1. IBM NOI integration

A network management tool that enables network monitoring. In case of interruption, it automatically creates a ticket in BMC Remedy which is (also automatically) forwarded to the service in charge of the region in which the interrupted device is located.By establishing the automatic creation of tickets for network interruptions, this integration has achieved significant savings in the time required to detect problems and alert the appropriate service, and thus solve problems, leading to an increased quality of service.

2. Workforce management integration

Optimizing the work of on-field teams across the country required significant time, human and financial investments. Before the implementation of the BMC Remedy solution, the ticketing process had on-filed team leaders printing out one work order at a time, from a ticket created the previous day, and then assigning orders to individual team members. Today, a field team ticket, made in the BMC Remedy tool, is through integration automatically created in the Workforce management application. After arriving to work, on-field workers are able to go out immediately, because they have an overview of locations, breakdowns, and additional necessary technical data on the mobile application, which is why they can easily organize their daily work accorrding to the locations the need to visit.

This solution significantly accelerated notifying the workers, reduced the operational scope of work for team leaders, made saving in paper documentation use and increased team productivity.

The BMC Remedy solution provides the possibility for numerous integrations with various applications, but also the personalization of the tool itself to the specific needs of users. Establishing order in IT service management, according to the recommendations of ITIL best practice, now brings great benefits to the organization in every industry, guaranteed return on investment and increased satisfaction of both employees and users.

About Telekom

Telekom Serbia is a locally-owned telecommunications company founded in 1997 and headquartered in Belgrade. For the past 18 years, Telekom has been a leader in fixed and mobile telephony in the region. The company offers a range of fixed-line, mobile and Internet communications to customers in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Telekom Srbija
  • Telecommunications
  • Lack of a structured management process of the company's commercial services
  • Lack of tools to monitor the quality and availability of IT services
  • Lack of a centralized system for user tickets
  • A lot of time spent on dealing with incidents due to unstructured processes
  • Inability to see the bigger picture using ticket analysis
Business advantages:
  • Increased customer satisfaction through improved Service Desk performance
  • Increased employee satisfaction due to the elimination of routine tasks
  • Resolving user requests faster
  • Centralized ticket generation and tracking
  • Automated network problem detection
  • Optimized human resource allocation
  • Reduction of the customer care sector
  • Real-time automated reports
  • BMC Remedy
  • 11+ million user accounts in the app
  • 1 TB database
  • 18+ months of work on integrations
  • 12+ months of work on adapting the solution to client needs
  • 120+ months of providing 24/7 technical support
  • Implemented 2 upgrade solutions
  • No limit on the number of tickets generated