CETIN Serbia | Implementation of Document Management System

We implemented our Document Management System (DMS) for our client CETIN Serbia to help streamline management of electronic content throughout its lifecycle.

About the project
The DMS platform for managing all enterprise content provides integrated management of electronic content in all its phases. Content transformation capabilities allow you to work with different formats of the same file, while security services ensure the utmost protection of all data. While the mechanism for creating electronic workflows for documents enables automation, controllability and formalization of the execution of business processes, the collaboration services ensure effective, simultaneous work of multiple users on the same document.

CETIN Serbia company overview
CETIN Serbia is a provider of fixed and mobile infrastructure services to telecom operators, internet service providers, and other businesses in the Serbian and regional markets. The company offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with over 2400 sites and a fixed network of more than 8300 km of fiber optics in the country and region, with the aim of further improving the quality of services in terms of availability, reliability, security, capacity, and consistency. They have a pool of over 300 employees and are the most sought-after provider of wholesale services.

Project goals and challenges
Our client required the implementation of comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of multiple areas. These included providing a central repository for all document formats, automating business processes, interacting with internal and external services, supporting the electronic signature of documents and digital archiving.

Integration with SAP and the National Electronic Invoice System and the first cloud-based implementation of digital signature and stamping were their key bottlenecks.

The solution proposed and implemented
We developed a document management system for our client, which significantly helped in streamlining the present workflow and optimizing document processing. Our technology supported easier reviewing and faster reporting, centralized business process management, and improved process execution efficiency by automating tasks and increasing controllability.

It also enabled the approval procedure to be completed through the mobile app, resulting in more efficient work for all employees.



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