Loan Origination System implemented in AIK Banka

We successfully implemented loan origination and account opening both for new and existing retail customers of AIK Banka in omnichannel (branches, e/mBanking, WEB), resulting in superior customer experience, shortened processing time, and increased revenue.

AIK Banka is the first one in Serbia to offer fully digitalized, paperless & remote refinancing loans to customers with a total time of 30 minutes only.

Our banking knowledge and experience, together with IBM BAW technical capabilities for process automation & digitalization have placed AIK Banka in first place in the region in the number of digital products and the shortest TTY & TTC.

Project goals  and challenges

Our client required automation of the end-to-end loan origination process. This included simplifying & collecting error-prone data from available data sources using APIs,  automatic application of different credit policies, based on product and type of client, process simplification, and increased transparency, reliable reporting for data-driven credit policy changes, and phased implementation for faster time to market.

The challenges we faced were in the automation of numerous exceptional flows & rules, complex credit criteria implementation in an adaptable manner, regulatory changes during the project, and i integration with various internal & external banking systems (60+ web services)

Outcome and benefits

  • End-to-end process automation for retail clients for products that do not require any form of collateral (cash loans, refinancing cash loans, credit cards, overdraft) on Bank channels (branches, e/mBanking, WEB)
  • Optimized and standardized process with simplified steps for clients
  • Application for multiple products in one loan request
  • Video identification for the customers on the WEB channel (compliant with KYC procedures)
  • Next best offer for clients on the e/mBanking channel

Top numbers:

  • TTY for cash loans, overdraft, or credit cards in e/mBanking – 7 minutes
  • TTC for cash loans, overdraft, or credit cards in e/mBanking – 9 minutes
  • Account opening total time on WEB – 10 minutes
  • TTY for refinancing cash loans on WEB – 30 minutes


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