The eTourist project

Back in 2019, we partnered with the Republic of Serbia to create a project where all the essential travel information about hosts and accommodations consolidated in one user-friendly system so that exploring the beauty of the Republic of Serbia has never been easier. 

Since COVID-19 hit Serbia, the country has been experiencing a surge in its tourism industry, with an increasing number of people visiting famous sites, mountain peaks, nature reserves, historical sites, and more. However, with this increase in tourists, came a growing need for systematic regulation of the hospitality and tourism sector.

That was the inspiration for the eTourist project – the unique and centralized information system we created in collaboration with the Ministery of Tourism and Youth.

With it, we achieved systematic regulation of the sector, reduction of the informal economy, and improvement of business conditions for all market participants, as well as protection of consumer rights in tourism and hospitality.

Our experienced colleagues from Dev, DevOps, QA, PM, KM, TL, Sales, and Support teams were the key to the realization of this project.

Designed to comply with both the Tourism Law and the Hospitality Law, this mandatory and free system is accessible via the Internet without the need for separate installation on a computer.



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