Use case

Social Network Analysis

Problem definition

One of the main challenges in the telecommunication industry is measuring how influential certain customer is, and in turn, how much effort should a company make to retain that customer. Finding patterns in customer communication and measuring the strength of their relationships is very important.


With this solution, the company gets the opportunity to target its most influential customers: most commonly, companies promote their new or advanced services to top influencers. Attracted by a great offer, these influencers can bring new customers to their network. Influencer are a good choice to help promote flagship products, or other devices important for better market penetration.


Using the available data, a graph of customers interactions is created and different relationship metrics are calculated. Model results could be combined with geo-location calculations, based on the network data. The model relies on historical data of voice and SMS communication, combined with the share of IN and OUT communications in total traffic, as well as flags of in-network and out-network communications.


  • The graph is created based on selected candidates and their connections.
  • The graph is divided into isolated components of optimal size.
  • The relevant metrics are calculated for each selected candidate.