Open banking: a glimpse into the future of banking systems

We hosted the traditional Banking & Leasing forum, which focused on the use of IT technologies in the banking sector, as well as emerging trends for building a modern and open banking system

On Thursday, September 15, we organized another, now traditional, Banking & Leasing forum in Belgrade. During the one-day event, representatives of banks and leasing companies, together with experts from our company, shared their experiences on business and technological trends through very constructive panel discussions and informal talks.

The Banking & Leasing Forum featured two panel discussions: “Open banking: the way to the future is a team journey” and “Point of sales loans: Old topic, new model.”

The main theme was open banking concept, which is a special system that provides third-party access to financial data via an application programming interface (API).

This concept was created to encourage traditional banking systems to open up to other financial and non-financial service providers, i.e., to share client and proide them with additional benefits through collaborative efforts with the financial institutions.

Goran Slijepčević, Executive Director of the Financial Sector, and Miroslav Marinković, Head of Business Development for the Financial Sector, moderated the panel discussion. Željko Petrović, Aleksandra Vunjak, Dimitar Dilov, Ivana Šulović, Bojana Kaličanin, Bojan Pavlović, Aleksandra Ognjanović, and Marko Tepavac joined them on stage as panelists.

Dušan Milićević, General Manager of Comtrade System Integration, also addressed the audience and concluded that, while ten years ago it was almost unthinkable to see a gathering of bankers in an IT company and a merger of these types of businesses, this is now essential to achieving success and progress, together.

We would like to thank everyone who attended and we look forward to the next Banking & Leasing forum.