Comtrade System Integration Slovenia Wins Microsoft Partner of the Year Award!

This award is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the technology sector, particularly in the implementation of Azure OpenAI and Dynamics 365 projects.

Comtrade System Integration is one of the leading system integrators in the Adriatic region. As early adopters of Azure OpenAI technology, we have built a robust reputation for delivering outstanding results that drive business success across various industries, including banking, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals. Our solutions range from simple chatbots for internal and external use to advanced systems that automate customer service in contact centers and enhance sales processes with intelligent sales bots.

Pioneering Azure OpenAI Projects

Since early 2023, Comtrade has been at the forefront of Azure OpenAI projects, establishing itself as a leader in AI initiatives within the Adriatic region. Our expertise extends beyond Azure OpenAI to developing solutions with Copilot and Copilot Studio. Our skilled professionals collaborate closely with clients to create custom solutions tailored to their specific needs, utilizing technologies such as Azure OpenAI Services, Azure App Service, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Storage Account, and other integrated Microsoft technologies like Power Platform, Dynamics, M365, and Teams.

Connecting AI to Dynamics 365

Our ability to handle complex projects comprehensively has made us the go-to destination for businesses seeking integrated AI solutions and large-scale Power Platform and Dynamics 365 projects. In 2023, we secured one of the region’s most significant projects: the implementation of the largest regional Microsoft Dynamics CRM project. This was won against other enterprise CRM solutions like Salesforce, showcasing our expertise and competitive edge.

A Milestone Achievement and Future Endeavors

In March 2024, Comtrade reached a significant milestone by winning the tender for Microsoft licenses across all Slovene government institutions. This achievement solidifies our position as a trusted partner for such clients, supported by our robust local licensing and technical teams dedicated to client support. This success not only highlights our commitment to advancing Microsoft services in crucial areas such as the Modern Workplace, Security, Azure, and Data & AI but also emphasizes our dedication to seamless implementation and ongoing support for the Slovene government institutions.

Winning the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award 2024 in Slovenia is a monumental achievement, especially considering our Slovenian office was established just five years ago. This accolade shows our rapid growth and significant impact in the region. Our Belgrade office has won this award five times, and our Sarajevo office twice, showcasing our consistent excellence across the Adriatic region.

Congratulations to our entire Slovenian team for their unwavering dedication and hard work. This award is a collective victory, and we are committed to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence. Here’s to many more successes ahead!