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In the world of finance, there is a great pressure to adapt services to the new generation of tech-savvy, always-online customers. We offer you personalized guidance into the world of new technologies: whether you need to implement new mobile and online services, improve security and HR solutions, or increase your overall efficiency.

Our Services

Comtrade KYC

According to a survey conducted by Reftiniv, 85% of corporate clients have not had a good KYC experience, and 12% changed banks as a result. It is time to change the outdated system and work on your first impressions: Comtrade KYC is a solution that cuts down account opening time, reduces processing costs and ensures compliance with KYC guidelines.

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Credit Impairment Management System

CRIMS is a modern risk, finance and management solution, designed to solve problems inherent to complex credit impairment measurement, management and decision-making processes. An ever-increasing unpredictability of the credit business environment demands fast and agile responds from banks: let us help you with this highly interactive and flexible solution.

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Application integration slika

Application Integration

Right now, your financial business probably uses different applications that run on different platforms, making your employees often have to switch between apps and duplicate data, which can lead to process slowdowns and inefficient decision making. We can ensure your systems, applications and data are connected seamlessly, so you can respond to business opportunities faster than ever.

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Cyber security slika

Cyber Security

Every second that passes, your business relies more on digital technologies to improve – but it’s also more vulnerable. Cyber threats are dangerous and countless, and finance industry is not immune to them: quite the opposite. As a part of our services, we help businesses create multi-layered security stack, assess the risks, find vulnerabilities and prioritize actions to protect themselves.

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Business Process Management slika

Business Process Management

Lack of control over business processes makes it difficult to allocate tasks, resulting in lower productivity, workflow downtime etc. Your company needs to optimize, automate and digitalize them, and to achieve this, you need Business Process Management (BPM). Use it to enhance both horizontal and vertical business processes: Know-Your-Customer, credit approval, collection and other.

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Comtrade digital worker slika

Comtrade Digital Worker

Imagine if all those manual, repetitive processes could be handled by a software robot instead of your employees! Comtrade digital worker is a software robot based on the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology: implementing it means a significant productivity growth and cost decrease, a faster and more efficient workflow, as well as a greater end users satisfaction.

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The business world is turning digital, but most HR departments are still coping with huge amounts of paperwork, manual data entry and working across multiple systems. Our HR solution, Harmonix, combines a number of key functionalities into a single electronic system that helps you simplify organizational processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency of the whole HR department.


In words of our clients

„Harmonix helped to streamline many administrative processes in the HR department. Employee absence planning, payroll and reporting can all be done with greater ease, speed and efficiency.”

Jelena Parojcic

Director, Sector for Human Resources and Organization
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In words of our clients

“Our clients expect personalized, quality service: this is why we always try to be fast and precise. Professionally applying CRM solutions, Comtrade System Integration qualified experts handled all the challenges: from consulting and planning to operational and technical implementation. ”

Igor Blazin

Director of Organisation/IT Division

In words of our clients

Innovation and dedication to the client are among the core values of AIK Bank. Through the implementation of the Loan Origination Solution, we’ve experienced both from Comtrade System Integration. Completely dedicated to our needs, they have helped us create an innovative approach in the area of loans, often going above their responsibilities to solve challenges.

Milan Mirkov

Executive Board Member, COO



Our experts

Our industry experts are here to help with all the additional information you need. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Goran Slijepcevic

Executive Sales Director - Finance and Enterprise