Case study

Implementation of Harmonix – AIK Bank

With over 600 employees working across multiple locations in the region, AIK Bank needed to modernize and improve its manual HR processes. Comtrade’s Harmonix, a complete HR solution, proved to be just the right fit.


Prior to implementing Harmonix, AIK Bank’s human resources department was managing large quantities of employee data spread across numerous documents, files and systems. Collecting, storing and retrieving data was a time-consuming task. The Bank’s HR department relied on tools like Excel spreadsheets. There was no electronic workflow or employee participation in the absence request approval process. Management and tracking of employee absence needed to be improved to better respond the needs of employees. The client also didn’t have automatic integration with the payroll system, therefore the necessary payroll data was prepared manually. To increase productivity and simplify HR processes, there was a pressing need to introduce a complete HR solution across the organization.

Our solution

In response to defined objectives and challenges, Comtrade System Integration offered Harmonix Human Resources Software Solution, a comprehensive system that enables transparent and simplified management of HR processes. AIK Bank’s HR department needed a solution that can be rapidly adapted to its current and future needs, so Comtrade SI provided a flexible solution model with separate modules that can be implemented individually:

  • HR employee management
  • Employee absence management
  • Employee self-portal
  • Integration with external systems

Comtrade SI carried out the implementation of Harmonix using a step-by-step process:

  • Step 1: Analysis and modeling
  • Step 2: Setting up a production environment (hardware configuration and application deployment) T Step 3: Integration with other IT systems and solutions
  • Step 4: Workshops and enablement programs (training for users and IT staff)
  • Step 5: Solution deployment with our IT experts’ guidance and support

“Harmonix helped to streamline many administrative processes in the HR department. Employee absence planning, payroll and reporting can all be done with greater ease, speed and efficiency.”

Jelena Parojcic
Sector for Human Resources and Organization

Results delivered

By implementing Harmonix, AIK Bank was able to transition to electronic tracking of employee data and realize numerous benefits, including increased data security, centralized management of employee information, increased speed of data processing, freeing up of storage space, reduced workload for the HR team and transparency of various HR processes. Digitalizing employee absence management enabled the following: online forms for vacation requests, improved resource management planning within departments and across the organization, faster response to vacation requests and automatic issuing of legal documents. By centralizing data and automating many processes, AIK Bank’s HR department was able to greatly reduce errors and increase the speed of data processing. Employee satisfaction and interaction with HR was also improved as a result of more transparent HR processes and introduction of the employee self-portal.

About AIK Bank

Founded in 1976, for almost two decades AIK Banka AD Beograd was the internal bank of Agroindustrijski kombinat Niš. In the 1990s, the bank started commercial operations and began providing universal banking services. In the same period, the bank went public and its shares were listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange. Today, the bank has more than 6,000 shareholders and for years now its shares have been among the most liquid securities traded on the Belgrade Stock Exchange. With over EUR 620 million in savings, the bank is recognized as a reliable partner in both retail and corporate sectors.

  • AIK Bank
  • Banking and finance
  • Scattered employee data
  • Manual data collection and management
  • Outdated reporting system
  • Time-consuming HR processes
Business benefits:
  • A more efficient HR department
  • Improved absence planning and management
  • Increased speed of data processing
  • Reduced workload for HR staff
  • Increased transparency of HR processes
  • Microsoft platform
  • Net Framework v4.0
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 with Reporting Services