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All business ventures that deal with a large number of users, which includes the banking and insurance sector, have a need to store all the individual client documentation in one place in order to do their job faster, easier and more efficiently. Even before these types of companies entered the digital age, they made great efforts to categorize paper files and bulk contracts, so that both banks and customers always have insight into the status of joint ventures - which becomes even more important with the accelerating events of the era we live in.

For a secure business

It is important to have the client's documentation structured, grouped in one place and easily accessible, in order to use it for client analysis, operational analysis or financial and risk analysis. On the other hand, access to this documentation must be secure and controlled, based on granted access rights and authorization, in order to prevent possible abuse.


Our solution

Our approach to the client documentation management system features all the services and functionalities necessary for efficient and high-quality decision-making throughout the entire life cycle. The solution, in essence, enables completely flexible creation, updating and maintenance of client files. The concept of the Comtrade Client Dossier solutiuon is such that we can still create, or update files via bank’s native apps, while the data is secured in the Document Management system by simple integration.



  • Easy creation and management of client files regardless of document type
  • Universal integration concept of the bank's native applications with the DMS system
  • Increased availability and insights into all client documentation
  • Records and notifications on the validity periods of certain documents
  • Easy access to client files from other bank applications
  • Central repository of structured documents

Key features

The key functionalities of this solution relate to the process of creating / updating files, placing status documentation in client files and sending notifications (mail notifications). In addition, the solution features control mechanisms - file updates at certain life cycle stages, review of history, documentation export, categorization and typification of documentation within the file, and the like.

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