Credit Impairment
Management System

Manage highly complex risk calculations

What is CRIMS?

Credit Impairment Management System (CRIMS) is a modern risk, finance and management solution, designed to solve problems inherent to complex credit impairment measurement, management and decision-making processes. An ever-increasing unpredictability of the credit business environment demands fast and agile responds from banks: let us help you with this highly interactive and flexible solution.

Designed to solve your problems

The IFRS 9 impairment standard introduced unprecedented complexity in banking and altered the fundamental nature of how credit default risk is calculated. To overcome this challenge, banks need a solution that enables a seamless process and workflow configuration, as well as calculation parametrization.

CRIMS core principles

  • IFRS 9 compliance
  • Flexible architecture
  • Easy collaboration
  • Seamless cooperation
  • Improved interaction
  • User-oriented process management
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How does CRIMS work?

The following figure summarizes a general process and a core set of CRIMS modules used to estimate credit impairment under the IFRS 9 standard:


  • Flexible solution for impairment process management
  • Industry-leading suite of impairment model templates
  • User-oriented process management tool
  • Mitigation of Stage 3 operational risk costs
  • Valuable time saved with process automation