When Business Gets Personal – Microsoft 365 Business & BYOD

Modern business demands mobility. In today’s dynamic industries you need your workplace at your fingertips.

Clients are bypassing lengthy in-person meetings and co-workers are flocking to virtual collaborative tools and environments. This has driven a massive surge in workers bringing their own devices to work (BYOD) and working outside of their physical workspace.

While a Frost & Sullivan study recently reported that a staggering 98 percent of employees use personal smartphones and tablets for business purposes, only 20 percent of employers provide them with those devices. Unfortunately, this leaves companies vulnerable to security risks and challenges such as configuration, legal issues and the balance between corporate and private privacy.

Microsoft 365 Business is equipped to manage and capitalize on these trends with a number of solutions that cater to the BYOD movement.

TREND: BYOD- Personal devices at work
Although BYOD allows employees to work from anywhere at any time, thereby boosting productivity, the right platform is essential in order to securely maximize the benefits of mobility. Access to personal devices during work hours also poses the risk of distraction, so effective management tools are a must-have in order to keep work moving and employees focused.

SOLUTION: Microsoft 365 Business helps you manage both on-site and remote workers, synchronize all team members and track productivity. Whatever their location, your co-workers should feel like part of the organization and remain in-sync with other team members. Screen sharing, group calendars, task planners, virtual meetings and simultaneous collaboration on automatically updated shared files provide managers with insight into how workers are contributing to projects in real time.

TREND: Workplace mobility  
More than ever, employees are trading long commutes and traditional offices for a more flexible work style, with many even accepting a lower salary in exchange for this flexibility. The rise of freelancing and borderless business means that companies need to empower workers with access to business information and communications methods via their personal devices.

SOLUTION: Collaboration tools such as OneDrive, Skype for Business, Virtual Whiteboard and SharePoint give employees uninterrupted access to important information and each other. Microsoft 365 Business turns any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device into an opportunity for mobile productivity. Workers can contribute from their own personal devices and keep up with the latest file versions and team communication from wherever they may be.

TREND: Shift to Cloud
Companies are recognizing the advantages of migrating segments of their operation from on premise resources to Cloud applications and tools. This is particularly relevant for those with growing mobility and remote working activity. In the Cloud, workers can access company resources on a 24/7 basis rather than just in the office. However, welcoming personal devices and locations into the workflow can increase a company’s exposure to security breaches and data loss.

SOLUTION: It’s vital to empower your workers with resources but also to control the flow of data and protect company information. Microsoft 365 Business has all the security features of Windows 10 Pro, including Windows Defender Management Controls. The platform will automatically update every user’s security system to ensure maximum protection and all Cloud services offer advanced monitoring and protection features. The Cloud also allows easier control of permissions so you can rest assured that only approved employees can access important information.

If you are considering introducing solutions that will foster productivity in this age of BYOD, we suggest that you engage a qualified IT expert.

An IT partner who is experienced in IT strategy will be able to create a customized package tailored to your business size, dynamics and goals. Working with a Comtrade Microsoft expert means proactively evaluating and adopting technologies, determining their fit for your enterprise and scaling services to ensure no minute, nor dollar is wasted.


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