Oracle Planning and Budgeting: Klas company

Our company Comtrade System Integration implemented Oracle EPM Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service in order to develop the planning methodology for short and long-term business processes with our enterprise-level client – Company Klas (AS Holding), which manages over 27 brands.

The implemented solution provides a higher level of accuracy and connectivity of periodic, ongoing, and strategic predictions, as well as planning different lines of business.

Oracle EPM Planning is an intentionally designed tool, available in Cloud, created to satisfy both financial and operational needs (such as sales, marketing, HR, IT, etc.). To operational planners, this instrument brings flexibility, scalability and the ability to plan as they want, with transparency and necessary control for finances. Planning in this tool ensures time savings, releasing resources that can still be used for better business management.

Oracle’s innovative approach represents a major step forward in the Enterprise Performance Management area, while in the competition with large world’s vendors leads the race: according to Garner’s report, which deals with the analysis of available software for financial planning and reporting, Oracle EPM Planning was named the best solution on the market!

By designing EPM Tool, Oracle strived to reflect the manner in which you’re planning to do business, giving users the freedom to satisfy all specific needs in terms of planning, budgeting and realization monitoring, during the implementation. In this way, predefined, integrated modules, such as finance, labour, capital, projects, and strategic planning are enabled, created on the basis of the best business practices, as well as the ability to make custom solutions that will be adapted to the individual user.

While some planning tools seek simplicity, other place emphasis on flexibility. EPM Planning meets both criteria, providing easy maintenance and upgrade capability. The solution is complete and includes an intuitive Web interface and powerful Excel add-on, Smart View. Both Web interface and Smart View offer a variety of possibilities that can satisfy all business needs of planning, modelling, analysis and reporting.

Planning modules are implemented with minimal effort, easy to use, maintained and developed in accordance with the planning process development. It’s not necessary to have a deep understanding of the application, but only understanding of the business and planning processes, which is the criteria achieved simply by answering business questions in “step-by-step wizards”, available for each module.

In this way, even the rookies in digital technologies world are allowed to design complex planning processes. The configurable scheduling framework provides current value by running the target planning process quickly. Additionally, the solution in our company’s implementation, enables customers to improve the planning process over time, i.e., during its maturation.

To summarize – regardless of the size, industry and level of agility of the company, planning is an extremely important process. Listen to the experiences of our client.