Comtrade system integration reaches the highest level of information security competency

Comtrade System Integration has achieved one of the most important Microsoft standards: The Information Protection and Governance advanced specialization.

Cybersecurity continues to gain prominence in modern business — not only among IT professionals but across all departments. High-profile incidents over the past several years have emphasized the importance of IT security, and the sudden and widespread development of remote work helped further elevate the importance of safekeeping important operational data.

With this advanced recognition, Microsoft has validated our capabilities to successfully deploy Information Protection workloads and provide proactive information protection strategies. It showcases our organization’s proven skills and experience meeting customers’ security and compliance needs, as well as deep knowledge and experience around managing and mitigating risks associated with unstructured data.

The Information Protection and Governance specialization helps further differentiate our position in the marketplace as the company best positioned to meet client needs, while providing greater visibility in customer searches and the Microsoft partner directory.

We are looking forward to new opportunities that will allow us to demonstrate the top quality of our services and solutions in the area of information security.