Microsoft 365 – one solution for your entire work environment

If there was ever a doubt, it’s gone now. 

The majority of the IT industry is moving towards cloud solutions and focusing on services instead of the more traditional product focus. A good example of this is Microsoft and its very popular Office 365 cloud solution.

Office 365 doesn’t just represent a change from buying well known Office suite tools (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more) only once, to paying a monthly of yearly subscription. It can offer other services that are in everyday use – e-mail and calendar management, audio and video conferences, IM, file sharing and more.

Although these services are available individually in a variety of ways, the appeal of Office 365 is based on its offer of an integrated environment. A large number of business needs are solved by this single package.

If Office 365 succeeded in integrating traditionally used services with the popular Office suite, surely a wider integration can be achieved to create one solution for the entire work environment. This is the driving force behind the idea of Office 365. Let’s have a modern workplace with a holistic integrated solution where the OS (Windows 10) will be integrated with Office 365, worry about security with appropriate services and offer centralized and easy-to-use management.

The motivation behind this is that businesses want a familiar, tried and true environment that allows greater productivity, better focus on the tasks at hand, while still keeping things secure and easy to manage. If what the benefits of integration are exists as a question, you can simply take a look at what it has done with Office 365. Productivity, cooperation, a faster flow of information with better and easier control, mobile operation and management, and more – these are all the results of an integrated system.

On the other hand, costs are clearer and easier to predict. We know what the cost per an employee are, by month or year. Adding a new employee is made both flexible and simple. Changing or replacing equipment, even repairing, everything is easier when you have a unified solution. One solution allows you to use it on PCs, Windows platforms, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices, while staying within a secure, unified and easy to control environment. Focus should be on work activities, whereas informational technologies should be tools that we use efficiently without much second thought. Microsoft 365 is the future of Microsoft, Office and Windows. Seeing Microsoft 365, the message we keep hearing from Microsoft – “as a service” becomes much clearer. You concentrate on your work, while Microsoft gives you widespread services within an IT work environment. For a complete solution that has Microsoft support and offers a clear overview of expenses, along with user focused flexibility, Microsoft partners with whom you cooperate will throw in any additional services and apps that you need.


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