Microservice architecture

Implementation in the telecommunications industry

Today’s telco market is more than ever characterized by an immense pressure on the traditional ways of doing business. On the one hand, this is triggered by users who want personalized, omnichannel experience, a complete control over services and data, as well as extreme speed in creating new services. The fact is also that telco operators observe decrease in income, while OTT platforms competition is growing – which also creates new business challenges.

In order to ensure their position, telco companies are forced to create new sources of income, such as digital services: IoT, mobile payments, on-demand TV, e-health, cloud services...

Microservices as a solution

By moving out of the domain of exclusively communication services, telecommunication companies now also offer specific technological solutions for different industries.

Some of the largest telco companies, as the leaders of digital transformation, adopted microservice architecture to ensure scalability, high availability and flexibility while introducing new services. This way they also improve security - all with the aim of creating high-quality user experience.


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  • Much faster production of new services
  • Increased availability and security
  • Easy scalability for seasonal needs
  • Easier implementation of new technologies
  • Simple adjustment and upgrading
  • Undisturbed service functioning during testing
  • Flexible maintenance
  • Better resource utilizing
  • Simple integration with third-party apps

The tools we use

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Incorporating microservice architecture into the industry of telecommunications is not only a technological transformation, but also a great change in ways of thinking, organizational culture, team structure and business processes optimization. It transforms the industry, offering on-demand scalability and agility in business and service activation.

During this process, Comtrade System Integration is the right partner to keep you safe and provide help with planning, implementing and measuring levels of success.


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