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Installing and deploying ITSM solutions on premise and then constantly upgrading to new versions can be costly and pretty time-consuming. Also, many ITSM tools can be quite complex to use - in some cases, extensive staff training is required. Luckily – we make it easy for you! Our CA Service Desk Management tool delivered as a service relieves your IT staff of the burden of monitoring, managing and performing upgrades. At the same time, our cloud service boasts an intuitive interface that they can easily learn and start using almost immediately.


  • Free up your staff’s time for strategic IT projects
  • Improve the efficiency of IT support
  • Simplify dealing with ITSM tools
  • Reduce cost of hardware and software upgrades

How we can help

Ikonica Easy deployment_IT-Service-management

Easy deployment

You only need a web browser and an Internet connection to run ITSM tool in our cloud - there is no hardware to install, no need to allocate partner/vendor licenses, or to perform installations and configurations that can take weeks.

Ikonica Significant cost savings_IT-Service-management

Significant cost savings

Purchase ITSM tool as a service and eliminate the need for additional servers, software licenses, vendor support and maintenance, application support and costly upgrades. By cutting unnecessary expenses, you will be able to allocate more of your budget for strategic IT projects.

Ikonica Automatic updates_IT-Service-management

Automatic updates

Upgrades can require complex reconfigurations, specialized expertise and valuable staff time. With your ITSM tool in the cloud, all the latest tool features and capabilities will be installed automatically the minute they are available.

Ikonica Centralized management_IT-Service-management

Centralized management

Using multiple applications, Excel files, and spending days on creating service management reports is probably the least favorite part for your IT staff, as well as pretty time-consuming. Improve efficiency with just one ITSM tool.

Ikonica High reliability_IT-Service-management

High reliability

Application glitches, vendor bugs, server failure and power outages – all in the past. Our state-of-the-art data centers with disaster locations and power, network and Internet redundancy, as well as strict SLAs ensure great availability.

Ikonica Predictable IT budgeting_IT-Service-management

Predictable IT budgeting

With predictable costs every month due to a subscription-based service, you will be able to better manage your IT budget. Scale the service as your business changes; buy and cancel additional licenses without worrying about long-term commitment or minimum purchase requirements.

Also included

  • Free service catalogue
  • Free SLA management
  • Free asset and CMBD management
  • Free change and release management
  • Free knowledge management
  • Free service management, SLA and KPI reports

Cloud-based ITSM

How a mid-sized company improved the efficiency of IT operations to meet business demands for faster and more organized service delivery.

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Our experts

Lead ITSM Consultant with 20+ years of experience. With extensive experience in the implementation, administration and customization of ITSM tools, implementation of ITIL processes and many years of working with Service Management.

Davor Dimeski

Davor Dimeski

Senior System Engineer

Our experts

Vanja is experienced business and technical consultant in IT Service Management. ITSM team is responsible for successful implementation of ITSM solutions based on ITIL best practice, using and supporting various vendor platforms and products (IBM, BMC, Broadcom – former CA).

Vanja Sopić

Vanja Sopic

Senior Lead Engineer

Our experts

ITSM consultant with more than 10 years of experience in Customer Care and IT Support. Responsible for development, customization, training and consulting for all BMC Software products (ARS, ITSM, BMC...)

Igor Svetek

Igor Svetek

Lead Engineer