Improve Data Management and Protect Data Privacy: DWH, EPM and DataMasking

In times of growing regulatory requirements, skilled labour shortage, and growing time efficiency needs, Comtrade System Integration provides its customers with end-to-end services in the implementation of Datawarehouse, Planning&Budgeting, and DataMasking solutions.

The finance industry is characterized by the need to increase the number of clients and the ability to retain existing clients. Developing a banking/finance business can be difficult without access to historical and current customer data and good management of the same; that’s where our DWH solutions come in.

EPM Planning simplifies resource-intensive planning processes by consolidating plans from different business units and linking them at the company level. This reduces the need for manual exchanges of Excel files between various departments and managers, making the planning process more efficient.

Companies are collecting and managing increasingly large amounts of sensitive and personal data. However, growing security threats and data privacy laws and standards such as EU GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, and local laws mandate the protection of personal data. Data masking services and tools help organizations reduce unnecessary exposure while maintaining data usability for non-production purposes.

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