Financial Planning and Budgeting

Take your business planning to another level

Although one of the most important business processes, planning in companies is often done manually and inconsistently. 60% of the companies still uses countless Excel sheets for these purposes, with each sector working separately – finance, procurement, logistics, sales… Data comes from various sources and reports, making one question truth and safety of the information: this system is inefficient and rigid, as well as extremely hard to maintain.

It’s time for a software solution

As 70% of the time is spent gathering data and verifying its quality, it becomes almost impossible to perform an efficient profitability analysis throughout the dimensions: product, buyer and channel. Nevertheless, by introducing a specialized software, planning is taken to a whole other level, laying the foundation for great business decisions based on an integrated plan of the whole business system.

How does integrated planning process look like?

Using a specialized software, the processes of planning and analysis are performed on the highest, organizational level. Each division makes their relevant plans, but the strategy and decisions are coming together through the collaboration of all teams, resulting in better business results.   Download the brochure for possible work areas, as well as detailed solution benefits.

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Technology successfully implemented by our team

  • IBM Planning Analytics
  • Oracle EPM


Following the software implementation, organizations get to make faster, more informed and quality business decisions, achieve better financial results and be more precise in predicting business trends.


In words of our clients

“Apart from combining some of the previously fragmented processes, now we are able to plan and project more frequently than quarterly, in some cases annually or semi-annually. This solution allows us to plan more thoroughly, which is especially important when it comes to finance, but we also use it in other aspects. It helps us optimize resources and it’s fully integrated with the ERP system.”

Samir Hrvic

Head of IT, AS Holding

Our experts

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Marko Jovanovic

Business Development Manager