Event Streaming Platforms

Tackle the constant data flow

What is event streaming?

Two essential tasks of event streaming platforms are reliably storing and fast processing of streams of events. These platforms must successfully manage high volume of messages (millions per second) and must support all types of event sources (databases, IoT sensors, mobile devices, cloud services, software applications…)

Event-driven system

Event streaming helps you get all the information you need, when you need it, providing constant data flow. This enables software architecture and model for application design called event-driven system: all components in a system of this kind are producing messages or reacting to messages in an event streaming platform.


Use examples

  • A message broker in microservice architecture
  • A base of event-driven architecture
  • To monitor customer interactions and orders
  • In applications for monitoring of financial transactions
  • In applications for fraud detection
  • In applications for monitoring IoT devices or other
  • In fleet management and tracking (trucks, cars, shipments)
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Event streaming platform - Asset 5


The event streaming platform can be scaled as your work demands it.

Event streaming platform - Asset 6


Forget about exhausting back and forth communication and speed up.

Event streaming platform - Asset 7


Get your services as you need them, as much as you need them.

Technology we work with

  • IBM Cloud PAK for Integration – IBM Event Streams
  • Confluent Platform
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Google Cloud Dataflow

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