A singular information system
in education

eEducation is a solution with the capacity to connect all existing apps and users from the area of education into a singular information system, allowing data to be created, saved and shared between all relevant participants, institutions and organizations working in areas of education, science and technological development. The system includes all stakeholders – from kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools and other local institutions, all the way to colleges and regional and national bodies such as Ministry of education or different institutions in charge of overseeing or improving education quality.

One registry, many possibilities

Connecting key aspects in a country’s educational system helps decision-makers have a much better insight into relevant statistical data, which in turn helps them decide on further steps in planning and allocating resources. This process also assists them while developing strategies to reform the educational system, or coming up with ways to modernize and digitalize it. Also, by creating a singular registry with key information, institutions can easily request data they need: the system can be integrated with various databases, so it includes available information on infrastructure, length of studying, employment data etc.


Flexibility and modularity

eEducation uses modular architecture to reach high performance, but also easier upgrading and implementation of new system modules. This way, it is possible to easily change or improve any component in order to add a new functionality, or a solution in line with new technologies. Thanks to this flexibility, the system can further be developed and integrated with various eGovernment programs, depending on future needs and priorities.


Key benefits

  • Modernization and digitalization of the educational system
  • More efficient planning, resource management and allocation
  • Easier activity supervision on all management levels
  • More efficient data overview
  • An improved decision-making process based on reliable information
  • Faster financing decisions
  • Easy data exchange between schools and relevant institutions
  • Maximal data exchange automation

Additional features

eEducation is designed so that it uses a singular database and keeps track of all system accesses and errors. An authentication mechanism determines if a user has the right to access the system or a certain part of it. The solution uses a document-generating module, creating reports based on predefined templates. eEducation, as a system, is available 24/7 throughout the year.


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