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Do you know that businesses in Serbia generate more than 375 tons of paper waste every year? Comtrade Doculibrium accelerates digital transformation and business process optimization, thereby reducing paper documentation. Read more in the new article that Ivan Živanović wrote for PC Press!

According to July 2021 data, businesses in Serbia generate around 900 grams of paper waste per employee daily. This means that we create more than 375 tons of paper waste every year. For more than a decade, Comtrade has been finding ways to improve these statistics and drastically lower the numbers.

We started from our own backyard, closely following the daily work of employees and how they interact with paperwork. We sorted and classified the entirety of our documentation in the official records. We then applied the principles of storing all incoming and delivered mail, regardless of whether it was delivered via digital or traditional courier channels. After arranging all the documentation in a single database, we were able to digitize the pathways of paper documents. What have we learned?


To this day – paper…

Hundreds of contracts are signed in corporations each day. All of those need to first be read by all relevant company departments (such as legal and financial), and then be approved and initialled. In practice, a single paper contract goes through the hands of a large number of employees, who are often situated in different locations within the corporation. On the other hand, when it comes to documentation that accompanies the delivery of goods or services, in the form of delivery notes, minutes or invoices, this process can be more complex and take several days. By recording the life cycle of each type of document in detail, we can digitize and automate complete business processes, regardless of the size of the company, the number of employees or the volume of business.

With automated tasks and maximized controllability, we have provided increased productivity and improved process execution efficiency by over 40 percent, while also greatly reducing the time to search and find relevant documentation.


Digital signing

Documentation systems have been around for a long time, during which we have witnessed many technological and legislative changes. The new challenges led to the development of systems which ware until then only seen in works of science fiction. The first of many is the digital signing and printing of documentation. Although all business approval processes are completed in the document management system, in the end it is necessary to physically print, sign and scan everything, in order to save the final version of the document in digital form in the system itself.

We have created an environment in which it is possible to sign and even print a document with a digital certificate and ensure the validity of each certificate. It doesn’t matter if the certificate is on a physical medium, such as a smart card, on the server of the company that signed it, or on a public cloud. All signed documentation must be kept according to legal requirements, but also according to internal rules, prescribed by the companies.

Today, we have all the prerequisites for a scenario in which documents are not stored in warehouses and archives, but within the digital archive of the company, which regularly informs us about its status – what is new, what is most used and what documentation can be removed or destroyed. One of the most important aspects of archiving is the ability to find all the necessary and related documentation for a particular case in a very short time, which is very important when it comes to legal cases or any kind of corporate audit.


Downtime-free processes

In a modern society driven by a wave of constant change, it is necessary that processes in companies run smoothly. Since business actors are in constant motion, a special segment of the Comtrade Doculibrium solution is the mobile app. Today, all users of the app can access documents through a secure channel and perform all the desired actions in the shortest possible time – in no more than three steps.

For the time it took you to read this article, around 11 kilograms of paper waste have been produced in offices across our country. If your company is a part of this statistic, now is the time to discover the Doculibrium solution, save on paper costs, preserve nature and speed up business processes.


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