Complaint management

Turn challenges into a chance for business improvement

The number of complaints filed in connection with financial institutions is growing by the year. Customers want to be informed, and clearly presented with all the characteristics of products and services - so they could understand the value they’re getting for their money.

A client whose complaint was successfully and efficiently resolved becomes more loyal, and has more trust in the institution.

When it comes to complaints, bad communication and late replies create great dissatisfaction – and unhappy clients share their experience more often than happy ones.

From 2019 to 2021, 27.2% of complaints on financial institutions in Serbia was resolved in clients’ favor, with a financial effect to their advantage of more than 2.000.000 EUR.*

* NBS, Department for financial consumer protection – report on results, March, 2022.

Poor risk management and bad business processes, which do not change because they’re not identified through complaints, have a negative effect on business results in a couple of aspects – client refunds, regulatory fees, and less business in general - as a result of bad reputation and low-quality products and services.


Turn problems into opportunities

Any information about a process, product, or a service, brought to your attention directly by a client, is a chance to reevaluate them. Complaints initiate change, encourage analysis of existing procedures, as well as test internal systems and ways of conducting business.

Optimal registering and complaint management processes are crucial for identifying faulty services and products – but what’s also important is an assessment of whether you need employee training in the area of customer service and communication.


We can help

Our solution allows you to efficiently manage the whole process of complaint resolving – starting from registering the complaint and defining the services responsible to answer, all the way to the resolving process, financial aspects, control, closing, evaluation, and surveys to assess users’ satisfaction.


Key benefits

  • Registering and categorizing complaints across different channels
  • Synchronizing all relevant information about the complaint (data about the client, product, related persons…)
  • Possibility to group complaints into categories, allowing identification of structural problems
  • Parametrization of a minimal set of mandatory data and documentation

  • Time management and up-to-date notifications for all relevant users
  • Reporting across categories and characteristics, in line with regulatory requests, with a possibility of adjusting the process for reports inside the group and ECB
  • Possibility to assess clients’ satisfaction through surveys and questionnaires
  • Compliance with local and international laws on personal data protection

Improve your client relations

Our complaint management solution will allow you to improve your relationship with clients, regardless of challenging business situations, as well as to enhance your services and product characteristics by identifying their key faults. It is time to turn constructive comments into a chance for a new beginning, and even better business decisions!


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