A whole new level of customer interaction

What is Chatbot?

Chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation using text or voice communication tools. In another words, Chatbot is made to serve as a sales representative or a support agent, allowing customers to get help faster by interacting with the software. In essence, the app is created to improve user experience and increase customer satisfaction in various businesses.


Ease the employee workload so they can focus on more complex tasks

Reduce the costs of support and sales service functioning

Improve customer satisfaction, feedback time and leads recognition

Improve customer engagement and product recommendations

Your own Chatbot solution

Using the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing & understanding, our team can provide you with a personalized Chatbot solution. The solutions we develop have the ability to train and learn using previous conversations: this means Chatbots become even smarter with time.   In order to provide your users with a quality service all the time, Chatbot can also recognize the more complex inquiries and include an agent into the conversation if needed.


Smooth and easy implementation

  • An easy integration with your existing systems
  • Chatbot work reports and insights
  • Insights into the most popular conversation topics
  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Simple understanding of configuration steps
  • Easy further development and maintenance

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Marko Jovanovic

Business Development Manager