Software-Defined Access Wireless deep dive

Date: January 26th 2021
Time: 13h
Location: Webex Events

Want to improve your enterprise networking solution? You are in the right place.

Participation in the webinar will bring you new and develop existing knowledge about Cisco SD-Access, the next generation of enterprise networking solutions, designed to offer integrated security, segmentation, and flexible service implementation through fabric infrastructure.

The topic of the webinar is the Wireless aspect of the SD-Access solution, in which we take advantage of fabric and Cisco DNA automation to integrate wireless access.
Some of the direct benefits of SD-Access Wireless implementation are centralized wireless management, optimized packet flow, seamless Layer 2 roaming, simplified management of guest services and access policies, as well as simple segmentation implementation.

Our goal is to become fully acquainted with the SD-Access architecture, as well as its wireless service components.
In the introductory part of the webinar, we will analyze the simplicity of design, implementation, and troubleshooting of SD-Access wireless solutions.

The final part of the webinar will include a use case scenario through a live demo, where we will see first hand all the previously described benefits of using a new generation Cisco wireless solution, ideal for enterprise environments of various sizes.

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