Key elements of a successful
cloud migration

Date: November 18th
Time: 10:00
Location: Microsoft Teams

Why are cloud services conquering the market?

Migrating data, applications, and other business elements from company servers to the cloud offers many benefits. Due to advanced security systems, one of the main benefits is the greater security of data stored in the cloud, than those stored on local computers and servers. Additional benefits include ease of access regardless of location, scalability and mobility. The migration process can be complex, but the many benefits that the cloud offers ensure it’s worth the effort and time put into it.

Webinar Features

Take part in the workshop and learn all about the process of optimizing your company’s existing infrastructure, planning, and migrating to Azure Cloud. We will show a live demonstration of the solution assessment tools as well as the migration from Azure Migrate to the prepared environment on Azure Cloud.

We have also allocated some of the time for your questions: don’t miss the opportunity to get answers directly from our Comtrade SI experts.


  • Introduction to Azure
  • Enabling Digital transformation with Microsoft Azure
  • Example of Migration scenarios
  • Demonstration of Azure Migrate Assessment tool
  • Examples of Assessment Report
  • Demo Azure Migrate with use case scenario

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