Innovate with No-Code:
Power Automate Approval apps
in a Day

Date: May 31st, 2021
Time: 11 AM
Location: Microsoft Teams

Supercharge your organization’s productivity: get rid of unnecessary delays, administration processes, long email threads, and chasing managers around.

Put these laboring tasks aside and automate your approval processes – all in just one day!

In this Microsoft workshop, you will have a chance to create more than one approval application, covering even the non-digital elements.

Let your team members get approvals quickly – keep work on track and save valuable time.


  • Introduction to the Power Platform, with a special focus on PowerApps and Power Automate  
  • Creating a PowerApps application based on SharePoint
  • Introduction to the Power Automate tool
  • Creating an approval process using the Power Automate tool
  • Creating a process for automatically sending email notification

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