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Platform as a service provides you with a production-ready cloud environment for building and deploying applications. This means we automate the configuration, deployment and ongoing management of applications in the cloud, so you can save time and resources. Leave it all up to us, and let your engineers focus on what they do best – software development! There is no need to invest in fixed, expensive resources like web servers, databases and software that may end up being unused. With PaaS, you only pay for what you need, when you need it.


  • Quickly build and deploy applications
  • Scale applications as your needs change
  • Improve developers’ productivity
  • Get tech support from certified cloud experts
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How we can help

Ikonica Lower expenses_PaaS

Lower expenses

You don’t have to purchase expensive hardware and software, build and test security and set up the entire development platform from scratch. By “renting” Comtrade’s virtual cloud infrastructure, you gain access to a highly resilient platform that’s ready to be built on.

Ikonica Scale as you need_PaaS

Scale as you need

With your applications running in the cloud, you can monitor, debug and make changes quickly and easily. If you are anticipating a sudden increase in web traffic, you can automatically scale applications to adjust capacity to your business needs.

Ikonica Innovate faster_PaaS

Innovate faster

Skip all the tedious and time-consuming things, such as evaluating, buying, configuring and setting up hardware and software. Get to coding right away and launch your apps faster than you can say “innovate”!

Ikonica Great availability_PaaS

Great availability and disaster recovery

Our purpose-built data centers guarantee high availability with disaster recovery, power, network and Internet redundancy. With Comtrade’s PaaS service, there’s no need to worry about downtime.


  • Role based access control
  • Advanced security
  • Stack and security management
  • Environment and instance automation
  • Automated provisioning
  • Dedicated tenancy
  • Platform independence
  • Runtime control

Our experts

IT Infrastructure & business continuity specialist for data center solutions, private cloud and public cloud platforms engaged for creating high level design architectures of enterprise solutions and their implementation.


Aleksandar Rakic

ICT Delivery Manager

Our experts

Senior System Engineer with many years of experience in using Linux and VMware technology. Responsible for virtualization, Linux, and data center networking.

Marijan Stanić

Marijan Stanic

Senior System Engineer

Our experts

Senior System Engineer with 15+ years of experience in using Unix/Linux technologies. Responsible for Unix/Linux infrastructure, automation and scripting using RedHat, OpenShift, Docker, and other *nix technologies. If it is on Linux, it must be on a black screen with white letters.

Branko Marković

Branko Markovic

Senior System Engineer