Operational Risk Management

Automatization that clears time for strategic thinking

Risk management is always under the spotlight and tested in activities that involve direct communication with a regulator or external partner. Whether it’s outsourcing of new activities, introduction of new products/services, audit or reporting activities with an external partner, it is of great importance to show that activity management is under control.


Results of inefficient processes that directly affect evaluation of Operational Risk Management maturity are often:


Inadequate project dossier for the regulator

Complexity of processes and analysis requirements often cause absence of some of the necessary elements that need to be submitted to the regulator.


High direct and indirect costs

Increase in costs and time due to a lack of process efficiency or mistakes can create a negative impact, with potentially severe penalties.


Project delay

Business activities cannot be started without regulator consent, and any delay directly affects the time frame, causing reputation issues, loss of competitive market position, etc.

Our solution

A solution built on a low-code platform, with straightforward activities, orchestrated to meet all regulatory needs and internal producers, To-Do lists, notifications, including 4-eyes principles and much more, will allow you to take full control over all processes, mitigating all negative impacts that may arise in Operational Risk Management.


Solution portfolio

  • Outsourced activities (externalization)
  • Introduction of new/products and services
  • External due diligence (National regulator, audit companies)
  • Internal due diligence (country or group level)

Key benefits

Through knowledge bases and the transparency of each step in the process our solution will:

  • Bring corporate management in all departments to a much higher level;
  • Create a frame which will shorten and facilitate any further steps and communication with regulator and partner;
  • Insure easier onboarding of employees to relevant process tasks;
  • Significantly facilitate audit process by internal and/or external auditors and consequently optimize resources.

Our experts

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