PKS Verto – a safe document delivery system

As of today, Comtrade System Integration company uses Verto – a safe and prompt platform for document exchange which requires an arrival confirmation or a signature. This solution is supported by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Verto is an innovative and efficient document exchange platform, that ensures company’s resource savings. This solution significantly advances, ie. fully replaces processes of: printing, signing, scanning, storing, sending and complete document management.

Private and public institutions in Serbia print from 1 to 5 million documents annually. An average trade chain manufactures around 2,5 million documents per year, where costs of printing alone generate some 150.000 euros in expenses.

Overall management, document processing and sending, brings both financial and additional problems and challenges, like a long term archives keeping, diminished productivity because of a slow document processing and searching that goes along the tiring manual labor, as well as a negative effects on our surroundings that come along with a great quantities of used material. The consequence is that an efficiency in document delivery is often low, or delivery is not even successful. Organizations do not have an adequate shipment confirmation, which makes them unsure – did a shipment get to a right place.

Verto platform enables processes of mail sending and receiving to be safe and ensures great savings regarding the time and money, while making sure that all the positive aspects of traditional methods of registered shipping are preserved. Having in mind the platform characteristics and the support of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, we expect that the way in which Verto conducts document exchange will become dominant soon, in a relation to traditional, long time exceeded ways of safe document delivery and confirmation.

Buyers and vendors will have the opportunity to use the platform free of charge in a next period, in its full functionality, both for sending and receiving of a different kinds of documents. The function of receiving will stay completely free for all users in the future, even after the trial period.

Registration process is fast, free of charge and non-binding. All it needs is an official Representative of a company to make a registration on the address which will enable further registration of all his or hers colleagues that have a need for sending or receiving documents like invoices, contracts etc.

Introduction of Verto, along with a advanced service, brings to its users a full control of a document sending and receiving process, high integration possibilities and high adaptability regarding the user’s needs.

All these advantages resulted in Comtrade System Integration sending and receiving all its invoices and contracts via Verto platform, starting today.