Modern Application Integration

Modernizing integration for business agility

What is modern application integration?

Modern application integration is an agile, decentralized approach for enabling independently designed applications to work together through microservices APIs. Accelerated by the needs of digital business process automation (ESB), it moves away from the traditional service bus architecture to decomposed microservices running on containers, for scalability, agile integration and deployment.


Key aspects

  • Smaller, independent services: Break ESB integrations into independent deployments
  • Decentralized integration ownership: Suitable for different teams working independently
  • Cloud-native technology: Elastic infrastructure for smooth integration workflows
  • Hybrid integrations: Integrate over on-premise and cloud environments

Technology we work with

  • IBM Cloud Pak for Integration
  • Oracle Service Bus
  • WSO2
  • MS Biz Talk Server

Our experts

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Dario Ristic

Business Development Manager