Microservices Consulting

Develop, migrate, integrate

With microservices architecture, we can help companies modernize their apps and production environment, focusing on faster project development and minimal downtime. In our work, we use agile and DevOps methodology, along with other latest tools and technology, to develop and test microservices-based apps for mobile platforms, cloud environment and IoT.

Our engineers are experts in REST/SOAP web services, Java, Spring Framework, Dockers and Kubernetes. They can help you choose the best way of developing new and migrating existing monolith applications.

We can help you with

Possibility analysis

We assess your IT system and create a roadmap for implementing microservices.

Microservices migration

Migrate your monolith apps and old systems to a microservices architecture.

Microservices integration

We integrate APIs to make old databases and apps more flexible and resilient.

Microservices testing

We help you verify the work processes along with all the services and integrations.

Microservices maintenance

We offer proactive support and maintenance to ensure stability and resilience.

Microservices and DevOps

In order to deliver faster, we can help in defining processes and tools for DevOps.

The tools we use

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Microservices architecture

Depending on the complexity of applications, microservices architecture can include different components:


API Gateway

An entry point for all clients, used for communication.



Services can use a common or an isolated database.



Services can use protocols such as REST or exchange info via messages.

Microservices diagram

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  • Easier and faster scalability optimization
  • Better isolation of a faulty service
  • Easy and simple problem-solving
  • Smaller, more productive teams
  • Optimized utilization of hardware resources
  • Continuous delivery model option
  • Support for various tools and technologies
  • Faster customer care reactions

Our experts

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about how we can help your business. Reach to us!


Dario Ristic

Business Development Manager