Marketing & Sales Automation

Understand your clients before they realize that you don’t.

Proper tools help financial organizations to deeply understand their clients. Creating a more personal and customized approach provides strong signals that the organization is following their clients’ needs and offering products and services that are best suitable for them.

Client expectations

Facts from everyday life of financial institutions are supporting the need for changing the approach in processes of establishing or renewing cooperation:


Personal approach

More value on individual treatment and customized offers to manage, meet and exceed their expectations


Timely service

Deliver service by anticipating it, or at the moment of need with a clear timeline for realization


Stability and trust

Reassurance and stability from an enduring relationship can deliver loyalty and avoid churn moments

Our solution

Financial institution must deliver a streamlined, personal experience.

  • Marketing automation helps sales and marketing to plan, create, and manage campaigns more efficiently and make compelling offers.
  • Customer service and support provides right answers at the right time. It is designed to integrate silos where data and processes are scattered.

CRM Solution

Extended CRM Solution helps financial institutions mitigate the cost and complexity of traditional custom solution development or legacy systems. Our solution enables:

Out-of-the-box functionality for sales, customer service and marketing professionals

Flexible architecture that allows quick configuration of new features and capabilities

Next-generation UI, browser-based and mobile access, role-tailored design and user personalization

Access to data and information wherever and whenever, while keeping costs under control

Intelligent experiences through guided process dialogs & industry leading workflow and process engine

Inline business intelligence for performance and goal management, real-time dashboards and analytics.

Chatbot solution

Our conversational AI Chatbot uses natural language and buttons to clarify user intent and give answers based on keywords.

  • Automate tasks and improve processes
  • Save customer service costs
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Replace outdated FAQ and contact forms

Key benefits

  • Better understanding of clients and creating offers accordingly
  • Increase sales results with cross-sales and up-sales
  • Identify star products and services
  • Improved client retention rate
  • Micro-segmentation of the clients and creating better discount policies
  • Identification of clients’ preferred communication channel

Our experts

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