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Comtrade System Integration is dedicated to elevating businesses with strategic Microsoft technology integration. As your technology partner, we champion ICT best practices and harness Microsoft's advanced services to unlock exclusive benefits, instill trust, and secure your operations. Our mission is clear: to be your beacon in the technological landscape, guiding you to success and security.

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Our Microsoft Credentials

Proudly standing as a select Microsoft Licensing Solution Partner (LSP), Comtrade System Integration embodies unmatched expertise in the Adriatic Region. Our partnership ensures your technology is leveraged correctly, enhancing your defenses against cyber threats and positioning you for success.

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Expertise Across the Board

Key areas:

- Business Apps
- Security
- Infrastructure
- Modern Work
- Business Development
- Procurement/Licensing
- Data & AI

Our departments cover a broad spectrum of technological expertise. This diversity ensures comprehensive support for every aspect of your digital transformation journey.
With over 60 certifications, our team's expertise covers a wide range of technological domains. These certifications reflect our commitment to excellence and our capability to meet diverse business needs, ensuring that whatever your challenge, we have the certified skills to address it.
Our achievement of all 6 Microsoft designations, coupled with advanced specializations in critical areas like Adoption and Change Management, Identity and Access Management, among others, positions us uniquely to drive your business's success. These designations underscore our depth of knowledge and our capacity to deliver innovative solutions.

Advanced specializations

  • Adoption and Change Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Meetings and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams
  • EndPoint Modernization
  • Teamwork Deployment
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop
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Tailored Solutions: Elevate Your Business with Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Business Applications

At Comtrade System Integration, we offer a spectrum of Microsoft Business Applications and Licensing services designed for your success:

Digital Transformation Strategy Formulation

Embark on a transformative journey with our expertise in Digital Transformation (DT) strategy formulation. We carefully assess your unique need sand opportunities, crafting a roadmap, strategy, and plan that aligns with your business goals.

Low Code App Development

Experience the future of application development with our Low Code expertise. As the preferred partner, we streamline the development process, ensuring agility and efficiency in bringing your ideas to life.

Process Automation(Digital and Robotic through Power Automate)

We leverage Power Automate to seamlessly integrate digital and robotic processes. Optimize efficiency, reduce manual tasks, and elevate your operations to new heights.

Data & AI (Artificial Intelligence Empowerment)

Empower your business with our Data and AI solutions. From building customized models to harnessing machine learning for advanced analytics, we ensure your data becomes a strategic asset driving innovation and informed decision-making.

Power BI Visualization

Transform your data into actionable insights with our Power BI Visualization services. Our experts turn complex data into visually compelling dashboards, enabling you to make informed decisions with confidence.

ChatBot Development

Elevate customer engagement and streamline communication with our ChatBot development services. As industry leaders, we craft intelligent ChatBots that enhance user experience, automate routine interactions, and provide a personalized touch to your digital presence.

Microsoft licensing services

NavigateMicrosoft licensing with ease, thanks to our tailored services:

Contract Reviews: Understanding your needs, status and evolution.
Pricing Updates: Keeping you informed on Microsoft pricing changes.
License Management: Assisting in license reviews and true-ups.
Dedicated Support: Answering all your licensing queries with expert advice.

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Our services empower you to:

Build Trust: Create secure environments for customers and employees.
Simplify Purchases: With predictable payments and a consolidated Microsoft contract.
Efficient License Management: Benefit from expert assistance throughout your contract.
Consolidate Services: Enjoy the simplicity of a single, organization-wide Microsoft contract.

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Better Business Conditions

Benefit from superior arrangements through the LSP program, offering more favorable terms than standard Microsoft licensing models. Our partnership allows us to negotiate advantageous deals, ensuring you get the best value and terms tailored to your business needs.


Automatic Access to the Latest Technology

Gain instant access to the newest Microsoft technologies and software updates with Software Assurance. Whether you prefer Microsoft cloud services, on-premises solutions, or a hybrid model, we ensure your business stays at the forefront of innovation.


Centralized Licensing

Simplify your license management with a unified, organization-wide Microsoft contract. This streamlined approach reduces administrative overhead and complexity, making it easier to manage and scale your Microsoft solutions across your entire organization.


Comprehensive Advice on Microsoft Services

Count on our team's extensive experience and qualifications for in-depth support and guidance on Microsoft services. From licensing questions to implementing cybersecurity solutions, we provide the expert advice you need to navigate the complexities of Microsoft technologies.

By choosing Comtrade System Integration, you not only gain a trusted Microsoft partner in the Adriatic Region but also access a suite of transformative solutions designed to propel your business into the future.

Contact us today to revolutionize your Microsoft experience.

Filip Koprivica
Business Development Manager