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Don’t let your HR department get swamped with paperwork and manual data entry across systems instead of providing you with the most valuable employees. Take care of those who take care of your people: let us help you simplify organizational processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency of the whole HR department.

Our HR solution portfolio includes a wide range of HR-related processes: from employee administration and time management, all the way to recruiting and performance management.

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Harmonix can be used in a wide range of industries, including health care, finance, retail, manufacturing and telecommunications. Based on Microsoft technology, it combines a number of key functionalities into a single electronic system that helps you simplify HR processes, and it can be conveniently integrated with your company’s IT systems and solutions.

Harmonix slika

We offer a flexible licensing model, available as traditional on-premise software or as a “pay-as you-go” model, with customer support and upgrades included. Separate modules can be implemented independently:

  • HR employee management
  • Absence management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Integration with external systems

Tesla Inspire

Tesla Inspire is a comprehensive e-learning solution with all the potential to improve efficiency of employees’ training and professional growth. Acting as a centralized corporate learning system, it opens unlimited access to all learning materials for your coworkers, allowing you to have an insight into their progress.   With an innovative educational tool like this one, you can train a large number of employees simultaneously, allow them to easily take tests or quizzes, connect with others or even compete - to make things even more interesting!


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