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Green Comtrade

Conscious, aware and active

Our approach

As a company, we have always striven to reduce the negative impact of our business activities on the community, as well as support corporate culture that promotes social and environmental values. We are aware of our responsibility to control and minimize the environmental footprint: this awareness influences our every decision and stands as one of company’s key values.



Wellbeing of a society depends on a healthy environment and a balance between sustainable development and preservation. We strive to conserve natural resources, reduce waste and prevent pollution of air, water and land. All our employees are encouraged to manage their environmental impact and engage in green initiatives.

We are proud of the progress we have made so far, but committed to taking further steps. Our environmental goals remain as following:

  • Reduction of waste and recycling rate improvement;
  • Promotion of energy and resource preservation;
  • Using environmentally friendly products and materials;
  • Increasing our employees’ awareness;
  • Including electronic waste in the recycling chain;
  • Reducing carbon emissions.
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Life is Green

In 2011, we launched an internal initiative for environmental protection called “Life is Green”, with the aim to set up and apply Environmental Management System (EMS) according to ISO 14001 standard. In March 2013, Comtrade System Integration officially obtained ISO 14001 Certification for its Environmental Management System (EMS).

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We have also defined the Environmental Management System Scope.

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