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Finance in the digital era

Explore a whole collection of our services that the financial sector of your business has been craving for! Whether you’d like some help with automating boring and repetitive tasks while minimizing the influence of human errors, looking for a way to safely exchange e-documents or simply optimize processes – we’ve got you covered.

Many of our services can be of great use in the financial aspect of your work. Take a look around and contact us: together, we can find a digital solution to any problem.

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Business Process Management

Our Business Process Management (BPM) solutions can help you optimize, automatize and digitalize services, offering higher quality assistance by integrating channels and products (omni-channel).

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Microservices consulting slika

Microservices Consulting

With microservices architecture, we can help companies modernize their apps and production environment, focusing on faster project development and minimal downtime.

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ECM solutions slika

ECM solutions

Reduce the risk of losing important files, as well as a chaotic environment in general. Let us help you go paperless and organize better with top of the line ECM solutions.

eSession slika


eSession allows improved preparation and holding of electronic sessions in a wide range of industries, as it covers the entire course of session scheduling, organization and execution.

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Improve or completely replace processes such as printing, signing, scanning, storing and sending documents with Verto, our innovative documents exchange platform.

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Comtrade digital worker slika

Comtrade Digital Worker

Imagine if all those manual, repetitive processes could be handled by a software robot instead of your employees! With Comtrade digital worker, it all becomes reality.

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