Central information system
in tourism

Digital age has brought many positive changes to tourism and hospitality industry, which can be used to further promote tourism in a certain area, as well as to simplify the official procedures connected with registration of tourists and accommodation. eTourist, as a solution, helps shorten these procedures and allows many of them to be done online, at the same time offering relevant institutions easy insight into the statistics, while guests get to enjoy greater security and better quality during their stay.

Easy, safe and digital

After the primary identification in the local government units, accommodation owners can engage in almost all activities connected with registration of their guests online. Domestic and foreign tourists’ check-in and check-out is simplified, together with categorization requests, calculations and keeping track of relevant taxes. Institutions can have insight into relevant statistics in real time, enjoy easy access to databases listing accommodation capacities and their owners, as well as use this data to work on improving tourism promotion and development. On the other hand, guests are safer, with accommodation in legal rooms and apartments.


Key benefits

  • Having all relevant accommodation data in one place
  • Shortening and decreasing the number and costs of administrative procedures
  • Keeping track of all data relevant for tourism and hospitality industry
  • Improved cooperation and data exchange between relevant institutions
  • More efficient calculations, tax payment and payment control
  • Reducing the area of grey economy and illegal business

Reports and integration

The system helps institutions have insight into key business aspects of registered units in real time, and also allows multiple reports generation – for example, those on tourism traffic, categorization, accommodation users and many other topics. Integration is available with all relevant institutions and databases, one-way or two-way. The solution is in alignment with tourism and hospitality laws in Serbia, but can be modified to accommodate other countries’ needs and different legal frameworks.


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