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Our desktop virtualization solution delivers legacy applications and full Windows-based virtual desktops to your employees. DaaS helps you enjoy all the benefits of desktop virtualization in an affordable manner, leaving you with more free time as you don’t have to deal with building and maintaining the infrastructure. We offer a pay-as-you-go subscription model which you can manage and scale up and down as needed, reducing the need for frequent IT support.


  • Improve the traditional desktop model
  • Lower the ownership cost
  • Free up valuable time and energy
  • Simplify management and increase flexibility

How we can help

Ikonica Faster deployment_DaaS

Faster end user’s deployment

If your business lacks stability in terms of number of employees, DaaS can be a perfect solution to reduce deployment time. This technology allows an already configured desktop to easily be connected to a new device.

Ikonica Reduced downtime_DaaS

Remote IT support

When your employees have the possibility of receiving IT support remotely, it makes the whole process faster and more efficient, ultimately helping and improving your organization’s workflow.

Ikonica Cost savings_DaaS

Reducing costs

A traditional desktop or a laptop uses much more computing power than DaaS devices. This means you are in for significant savings, as your organization will use less energy.

Ikonica Increased device flexibility_DaaS

Device flexibility

DaaS runs on different operating systems and device types, supporting BYOD concept. This means your employees can work on any chosen device, increasing their comfort while performing tasks.

Ikonica Enhanced security_DaaS

Enhanced security

In case any device is stolen, there’s no need to worry, because all data is stored in the data center: the device in question can simply be disconnected from the service. All desktops can be updated simultaneously for security patches.

Ikonica Anywhere anytime_DaaS

Anywhere, anytime

When your employees log into their virtual desktop, it will look exactly the same, no matter where they’re connecting from or what device they use. It’s the magic of a digital workspace.

Ikonica Backup simplified_DaaS

Backup simplified

Since the data is centrally stored, it can constantly be backed up, so users don’t have to manage backups on their own and worry about finding information across different devices.

Our experts

Senior System Engineer with 20+ years of experience. Working with solutions mostly based on VMware and Microsoft technology. Responsible for planning, implementing, configuring, and testing infrastructure components regarding Virtualization and System Administration projects in Datacenters.

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