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In today’s world, it is important to have a partner to help you tackle the abundance of information coming from a variety of sources, as well as adopt a data-driven business approach. Our portfolio and experience in this area speak for us: from scalable DWH solutions and financial planning to artificial intelligence - you name the analytical solution and we’ve got it.

Cross-industry expertise

What sets us apart are the many years we’ve spent working with organizations from various industries. This valuable time has taught us to act according to specific needs of different businesses, and allowed our team to gain insight into the industry-specific challenges. We offer you professional services and expertise in design, development and integration of systems and applications.

Our services

Data Management Solutions

Turn loads of seemingly useless data into a precious resource: integrate, transform and aggregate information to generate helpful reports.

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Analytics and BI Platforms

Our business analytics team can support you in all phases of BI solution implementation. Bridge the gap between data and the decision-making process.

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Big Data

Comtrade SI specialists can help your business handle big data more efficiently, as information keeps piling up with the growth of social media, IoT and others.

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Artificial Intelligence

Predictive analytics goes beyond traditional data analysis, by identifying patterns and relations, so you can uncover business trends and likely outcomes.

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Financial Planning and Budgeting

Although one of the most important processes, planning in companies is often done manually. Improve your planning and budgeting using specialized software.

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Marko Jovanovic

Business Development Manager