Comtrade Procurement Automation

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Procurement of equipment and services must be transparent, compliant with internal procedures and external laws, as well as several departments and roles. It must be efficient in the sense of time and tasks, so good organization results in operational excellence.

Our Solutions

Take full control over the procurement process - reduce its duration, ensure fulfillment of all requirements, and release your employees from repetitive actions and misunderstandings of task and roles. The solution covers all phases of the procurement process.

Start of procurement process

• Initiation
• Verification (budget alignment, internal procedures)
• Call for offers

Collection of offers, evaluation and decision

• Analysis of bidders
• Ranking of offers
• Decisioning process (single or multilevel)


• Legal framework and alignment

Procurement confirmation and finalization

• Notification to all relevant stakeholders, internal and external

Order of equipment, services, start of project.

Key benefits

  • Automation of process and tasks
  • Optimization of resources
  • Mitigation of operational and regulatory risks
  • Compliance with:
    • Internal acts – ordering procedures, decisioning levels, project preparation
    • External acts – externalization of services toward the national regulator; partner communication
  • Increasing corporate management in all departments;

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