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Inefficient and complicated processes can cause clients dissatisfaction. Today, clients want all banking products to be available online or at least fast – with minimum effort required. A happy customer will recommend you everywhere, thanks to the high-quality service you have provided.


Facts from everyday life of financial institutions are supporting the need for changing the approach in processes of establishing or renewing cooperation:


Client (dis)satisfaction

According to a survey conducted by Reftiniv, 85% of corporate clients have not had a good KYC experience, and 12% changed banks as a result. Stats show that customers are nearly three times more likely to leave a bank during the first 90 days of opening an account there.


Employee (dis)satisfaction

Employees are swamped with administrative work, with no time for commercial activities. They are filing data and instead of talking to clients, creating a non-pleasant atmosphere and bad first impressions.


Regulatory and operational risks

Manual data entry implies less efficiency and a greater possibility for operating errors, as well as a lack of insight into the state and quality of data, creating opportunities for breach of legislation.

Our solution

Comtrade Onboarding & Accounts is a state of art solution available for Branch process and Remote onboarding with video identification, for both new and existing clients.

Solution portfolio

Key functional capabilities

  • An identical process for every client: from identification to account opening
  • A unique interface for all collaborators
  • Systemic task management and improved work collaboration
  • Automation of data entry, through online integration with the central banking system, registers and external databases (Business Registers Agency, Consumer credit reporting agency, CUBE…)

Key functional capabilities

  • Shortening the process by up to 12 times
  • A fast implementation of new regulations
  • Automatic rules application (risk segmentation, AML, PEP, FATCA etc.) for an improved control over KYC processes
  • Ongoing activities monitoring
  • Possibility of tracking efficiency using KPIs

Remote onboarding technology partner


Technology partner

The digital bank was created in cooperation with Blinking company, whose technology allows development of complex banking products based on user identity confirmation.

Using Blinking Identify solution, we have applied advanced AI technology to automatically check the validity of citizens’ personal documents, confirm documents’ ownership using biometric characteristics, as well as to automate process management while requesting a service or a product.


Responding to future digital challenges

The whole process, including real-time video identification and digital document signing, can be completed online, without going to the bank.

Apart from safety and data security, key advantages of Blinking Identify solution are easy adjustment to different products and business processes, modularity and system ability to respond to digital challenges in the future.

Key benefits

Painless customer experience

Faster and simplified access to banking services

Eliminate complexity

Make KYC processes faster through automation

Better time-to-productivity

Reduce the number of FTE for KYC procedures

Accelerate onboarding

From days to minutes

Multi-channel banking

Manage all client interactions via multiple channels

End-to-end digitization

Go paperless by integrating your KYC processes with an electronic signature solution

Improve management of documents

Store and manage all customer information using your existing CMS/DMS solutions

Evaluate performance

Set up KPIs for KYC processes


Create a set of automated rules and improve KYC process control

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