Comtrade Loan
Origination Solution

Cutting-edge loan origination process automation

Traditional lending used to be as mundane as it gets. It took a lot of time, effort and patience, as well as included piles of documents and forms, many delays and near certain human errors - an experience that almost wasn’t worth it.

Fortunately, times have changed! Banks have realized that convenience is the main competitive advantage in the digital age, as well as that loan origination solutions help them make sure that the lending process is automated, while all the risk and business principles are diligently respected.

Our solution

Comtrade Loan Origination Solution is intuitive and easy to use, designed for continuous customization and optimization. This is a unique system that takes the user experience to a new level, at the same time complying with two key bank requirements: loan portfolio growth and active credit risk management.

For detailed information about the solution, download our whitepaper.

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Key functional capabilities

  • Simple loan approval process
  • Automated customer data retrieval
  • Support for required KYC verifications
  • Automated conditions fulfilment verification
  • Rating calculation, Debt-to-Income ratio and threshold management
  • Automated requests routing between decision-making levels
  • High transparency and visibility of all data
  • Electronic archiving of loan files

Key benefits

  • Improved user experience
  • Faster request fulfillment
  • Increased origination process transparency
  • Improved time to decision and time to disbursement
  • Zero-trust approach to security
  • Integration maturity

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