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Origination Solution

Cutting-edge lending approval process automation

Traditional lending process has been burdened by internal requirements for data and document gathering, creating an inefficient process to the dissatisfaction of all participants – clients, employees and management. By identifying all sets of challenges that the lending process sets, we created a solution that can solve them all.


Challenge 1

Process efficiency and Client experience

Processing requests, from the moment a client submits a request, as well as decisions on approval and money placement, take too long and create client dissatisfaction. Duration of Time-to-yes and Time-to-cash are thus too long.


Challenge 2

User Experience and new employee induction

Forms for data entry and approval process are often too complicated for employees, especially new ones, slowing down & complicating the process. In addition, good sales officers are suffocated in poor systems and forced to abandon them, directly contributing to even worse sales results.


Challenge 3

Reaction time for market changes & challenges

The time for implementing different product characteristics is too long in traditional systems. Market conditions can suddenly change or the competition can come out with a similar campaign, making you lose out in the market game.


Challenge 4

Process transparency

Lending processes change or create a lot of rules and criteria with different roles and functionalities, with process orchestration not set at a desired level. This can cause a lot of misunderstanding of requirements and as a consequence, problems arise even in the pre-sales phase.


Challenge 5

Lack of tracking of certain process steps effects on results

In traditional systems, it is not possible to track the duration of processes and identify where the bottlenecks are –a slow branch, long risk decision time, long contract preparation and realization time, strict risk criteria, unnecessary data collected from clients, etc.


Challenge 6

Different rules on different sales channels

Lack of ability to transfer client experience, credit policies and processes from the branch to digital channels (WEB & FE applications), are confusing for every participant in the process, causing operational mistakes and leading to bad reputation.

Our solution

Take your clients’ user experience to a whole new level with the LOS solution which meets two important, but seemingly incompatible requirements:

  • Simple loan/leasing approval process
  • Automated customer data retrieval

LOS simplifies and optimizes complex approval process, allowing branch employees to use most of their time for "up-sell" and "x-sell" activities instead of manual request processing of requests and data entering.


Solution portfolio


Loan origination for retail in branch, partner sales or digital environment


Loan origination for SME and corporate clients


Leasing approval process for retail, SME and corporate clients

Key functional capabilities

  • Simple loan/leasing approval process
  • Automated customer data retrieval
  • Support for required KYC and KYB verifications
  • Automated conditions fulfilment verification
  • Rating calculation, Debt-to-Income ratio and threshold management
  • Automated requests routing between decision-making levels
  • High transparency and visibility of all data
  • Electronic archiving of loan files

Key benefits

  • Improved user experience
  • Faster request fulfillment
  • Increased origination process transparency
  • Improved time to decision and time to disbursement
  • Zero-trust approach to security
  • Integration maturity

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